Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Good: Fatherhood

I have to admit that I've learned a ton about being a father over the past five weeks. Caleb has a crazy ability to train me on the things that I need to know. He's not only taught me the little things like changing diapers and burping but also has given me lessons in patience and selflessness.

I was scared of becoming a father. Would I be a good example? How would I react during his first fit in the store? As soon as I saw and held him, though, it all seemed to fade away. I still question how good of a dad that I'll be, but it seems to fade to the background. As soon as I saw and held him, I felt a sense of immediate and complete selflessness. I'm not sure what it was, but I immediately pushed aside any need of mine and had Caleb and Ashley's in mind. I realized while waiting in that hospital that God has entrusted both a beautiful wife and healthy child for me to care for. It didn't matter that I may not have felt up to the challenge by myself, because I knew that it was God's plan for me to care for them.