Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bad: Us (Christians)

Hear me out on this one. I don't mean to bash Christians but to challenge us to become the solution of many of America's problems.

We often find ourselves on the conservative side of the aisle politically. If we're not careful, we'll continue to be stereotyped as hypocritical and self-serving when we should truly be the light to those around us.

I've found myself complaining about the recent stimulus package speeding its way through Congress. I still don't agree with it because it provides too much power to the federal government. However, we have to look at ourselves when it comes to the need to spend money to assist those around us. It is absolutely ridiculous that we're called in the Bible to tithe from our first fruits and the average U.S. Christian gives 2-3%. Imagine the good that another 7-8% could do in our country and world. Imagine how much money we wouldn't have to pay in federal taxes if individuals' needs were being met by Christian outreach programs. Imagine how much God could multiply that amount.

I encourage us to take a look at ourselves when we question the need for all of that spending and look at what we can do to help.